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Spring horse round-up on Ash Creek Ranch

Mares running from a stallion just let into pasture on Ash Creek Rranch

What a Spring indeed! I can hardly believe what this season has been around these neck of the woods.

Our incredible season started somewhere back in February, when we got a few warm days; then in March we had days in the 80s. By the time April rolled through we’d hit 90 more than once! Our cottonwoods started early as did so many of our trees in the forest. It seemed all Gods’ creations were taking advantage of the early frostless days.

I should have paid attention to all the signs that pointed toward a warm Spring; as when the geese flew north more than a month early;

Ring Neck Pheasant rooster & hens

This Ring Neck Pheasant calls to his two hens.

or the Pheasant rooster rounding up a couple of hens; or the fact that our wild turkey were strutting and gobbling earlier than usual.

Jake Merriam turkey

Young turkey out looking for a hen.

To the frustration of many turkey hunters, who had arrived, with no doubt seemed to them good timing, only to catch a fleeting glimpse of Nebraska’s Merriam heading higher into the ponderosa pine ridge. Running much faster than their pursuers.  (Our turkey are known for their spindly muscular legs that pace as high as 26 mph. with a range to wander as much as 6-7 miles.) They are a curious bird no doubt. Often, they opt to run rather than fly when being chased.