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This morning as I stood outside, the sunshine was warming with just a hint of last week’s cold still hanging in the air. March migration of northbound birds have begun. Canadian geese flew overhead in their familiar V-shaped flight line. In the nearby canyon I could hear wild turkeys noisily clucking while pushing their way through the rancher’s cattle to get to the corn and sweet cake being fed to the cows and the newborn calves.

coyote swiftly crossing the Western Nebraska range

This coyote and another were chasing my two large dogs, when I came through this clearing he saw me and took off running. The other one circled back to try to cut off my smaller dog. Both male coyotes, both very large.

Coyotes were on the move too. Their baying howls echoing down the ravines. Spring is coming and pups will be here soon if they haven’t already given birth. Last week’s blizzard has given way to early March warmth and delicious sunshine. I can hardly believe it is nearly Spring.
My three dogs and I went out to hunt for deer sheds and to see if we could find the coyote den. I was sure it was nearby as I have been hearing their ruckus in the early morning and evening when they seem to be most vocal. Here are a few shots I took along the way…

We didn’t find the den, but had a great hike! I love this time of year…. More to come.