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A time to gather.

For our resident wildlife, November is a time of gathering. Whether it is our Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep or herds of American Pronghorn.

American Pronghorn in Western Nebraska

American Pronghorn in Western Nebraska

In just another month there will be 100 plus in this pasture, and other fields. Their biological clock is responding as the days grow shorter and colder. The days are dark by 4:30 now.

Frost is in the air and blowing quickly toward R Lazy J.

The frost is blowing in from the West.

Frost is in the air, blowing in from the West

I watched this icy cloud push into my warm afternoon, and within minutes I was engulfed with its’ icy breath. I was glad I was in my car, a mere toggle of the heater switch and I was toasty warm.


Mule Deer in Western Nebraska

Mule Deer in field near R Lazy J, Country Hideaway






November is also Hunting Season…

Whitetail and Mule deer are plentiful along the Pine Ridge and are highly prized among those who seek their trophy buck.

Merriam Turkey in Whitney Nebraska

Merriam Turkey hunt for bugs and seeds through prairie grass.




The Ponderosa Pine Ridge is also the prime spots to find Merriam turkey. One of the few species of wild turkey left in the Americas.

Along the Ridge one can also watch the Bighorn sheep as they gather and move through the area.
So many game here to see and enjoy in a day.

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep rams

Bighorn Sheep rams following the ewe.