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Spring Lamb protected beneath its' mother.

Spring Lamb protected beneath its’ mother.

Springtime is here and so are the activities that accompany the season. By the end of May most of the babies have been born and taken to their mother’s milk, quickly growing. Calves, lambs and foals arrive.

So is it for the wildlife as well. This morning I caught a glimpse of a baby Rocky Mountain Sheep tucked into a little cave up on the side of our butte. It’s mother and several ewes where nearby grazing the edge of the sandstone cliff.

Last Springs fawns have been kicked off their mother’s teat. Now they collect to forage and fend on their own. And this mother fox had just brought her kits to the surface to get a bit of sunshine and play time. There were four of them wrestling outside their den.

My “boys”, Roscoe, Bandit & Peanut and I got out early today. I spotted this nest of turkey eggs evident that a mama hen was close by, filling her stomach with protein-rich insects. She only gets off her nest for a short while so as not to let her nest get cold. I spotted her up a ways and got the dogs out of there before they caught up with her.

No need to get her feathers all ruffled by the “boys.”