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Flag waving. Parades and picnics. Sparklers and Fireworks. It’s the Fourth of July.

Flag Butte, Dawes County, Chadron Nebraska

Old Glory raised on Flag Butte

At 6am sharp, the raising of Old Glory on Flag Butte kicks off Independence Day.

4H Happy Hustlers gather with family and friends begin to assemble at the base of the butte about 5:30a. Their young legs carry them easily to the top on the hill.

Everyone is invited and many who have come, have been climbing the butte annually since they were kids. Others, who always meant to climb are now, for the first time (some in their 70s),  making the trek to the top of the steep hill.


Raising Old Glory on Flag Butte

Raising Old Glory on Flag Butte

Our Local 4H: Happy Hustlers gather to hoist the flag to the top of the pole. A short prayer of thanks is led, a commemoration to our great nation and honors given to our fallen soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom. A fitting moment of silence; then awe of the expanse viewed from the top of Flag Butte where we all stand, looking across our prairie, our land.

Pine Ridge Area, Dawes County, Western Nebraska

The view looking west from atop Flag Butte


Breathtaking. Beautiful.
We can see for miles and miles and miles.