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They look so innocent. HA!

Roscoe, Bandit & Peanut after a brush with the skunk

L-R : Roscoe, Bandit & Peanut. They look so innocent!

Just minutes earlier we were out walking when I stopped to snap a photo. That’s when I heard Bandit barking for his siblings, “Let’s chase the cat!” I know that bark well, but there shouldn’t be any cat where we are; and then I heard Bandit’s bark beneath me…. underground!
They chased the cat alright….. straight into his den. Only it wasn’t the cat! It was Pepe´Le Peu! I could smell the discharge just seconds after Bandit  started yelping.  This bark was nothing like I’ve heard before, more like, “Get me outta here!” , Bandit was well inside the Le Peu’s den.
Then Roscoe, all 90 pounds of him was trying to get into the hole, all while Bandit was trying to back out. And then there was Peanut.  Eleven pounds of ferociousness and determination digging her way past Roscoe’s shoulders. She didn’t want to miss anything. I am sure Pepe´ was just trying to save his butt, so “Fire away!”
He did!
By the time I had hiked, slipped and fell down into the ravine below where the three were, they had all been successfully shot with Eau de Skunk. The air was so strong with skunk musk I though I would vomit. The dogs were shaking their heads, and rolling on the ground.  Peanut was rubbing her nose into the dirt trying to get the oil off. Bandit was making all sorts of mouth gestures, his tongue performing acrobatics in his mouth. It was obvious where Bandit got sprayed…. right in the mouth! Roscoe felt a little left out, since he could not get his big body in the den, he only got the over-spray. It was good enough, because he was rolling too!

Gads! I thought today would be a light duty day, now I have to scrub down three ornery rascals.

Now where is the tomato juice?………