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Wild Merriam's turkey flock in the cattle feed pasture.

Wild Merriam’s turkey flock in the cattle feed pasture. This is a great place to winter, free food and twice a day!

Our wild Merriam’s turkey believe snow season has bugged out of here. Normally their flock can still manage to be in the hundreds and more, but the birds have moved off some of their winter grounds, which for the past several years have been the neighbors’ cattle corn and feed. I can usually hear their boisterous voices as the rancher grinds out fresh alfalfa in a long line along the ground. The birds under foot of cow-calf pairs pecking though the feed for corn and cake.

And this early morning, as I sat on the deck listening for the birds, I could hear they were on the move. Hens’ satisfied clucks and plucks while young Jakes chattered along the creek area tell me they are moving to their Spring grounds. The large Winter flocks will be growing smaller and smaller as the birds set up their mating routines. I expect to be hearing Toms soon, once they have found a suitable strutting ground. I love this time of the year!


Along Indian Creek the grasses are pushing through.

Along Indian Creek the grasses are pushing through. Soon the Ash trees will awake from winter. This too is a favorite area for our Merriam’s turkey. Lots of grub to eat along the bank of our creeks.

Three antler sheds and a Merriam's turkey wind feather.

I found these three antler sheds along my Indian creek hike and a new turkey feather. Lots of deer sign, track etc; but not too much track for the birds yet. Not sure were they are today.