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Cottonwood trees in autumn

Our Cottonwood Trees along Indian Creek

Autumn has been beautiful this year, so it was hard to see the season come to a close.
But here we are, just a few more days left of our fall colors, and so it goes.

Crow & Crown Butte, Crawford Nebraska

Crow & Crown Butte in Autumn colors

The warming temperatures and light winds have filled our blue sky with the heady weight of dust and cool moisture drifting up from turned soil.

No Till Drill

No-Till Drill

Tractors across the land have been working hard tilling the brown dirt and drilling rows of winter wheat. In just a few weeks, the farmer’s hard work have begin to show, and now these rows are sprouting green.

Cutting dead ash tree

This dead Ash tree will make great firewood.

For Jerry and I, we race against this season’s push to get our home ready for cold and the winter winds of our prairie.

Old dead “snags” of Ash and box elder trees are bucked-up for firewood. Leftover deadwood trimmings are piled for critters’ shelters, or predators’ blinds.


Short Prairie Grasses in the National Recreation Area

Merriam Turkey

Young Merriam Turkeys foraging along the creek.

While the temps are pleasant, a mild 75, weather bugs or birds, coyotes or deer, our wildlife are storing fat and forage for the all-to soon-to-come winter months.

On the last of the seasons’ wildflowers and prairie blooms insects are working fast and furious collecting nectar, mating and building their winter homes.

Bumble Bee and Sunflower

Bumble Bee gleaning pollen

Whether genetically programmed, environmentally stimulated or learned, their internal clock says , “It’s time to prepare for the approaching winter months on the Nebraska prairie.”


Hummingbird drawing tiny drops of nectar from pink vinca.